Meditation Guide


Now think of the means by which you will achieve your goal. Who will help you? See the image of your teacher appear in front of you at the level of your eyebrows, taking on a glorious form, happy with your efforts to practice.

Now visualize The Three Jewels, whose teachings and efforts make it possible for all beings to achieve lasting happiness. Take refuge.

Now see your teacher again. In your mind, prostrate; throw yourself at your teacher's feet. This should feel natural and spontaneous, never forced.

Think of your teacher's unceasing efforts on your behalf and feeling a debt of gratitude swelling up inside you, make offerings. Offer things you possess, things no one owns, and things that are purely creations of your mind, as fanciful as you desire. Offer beautiful objects, food, flowers, incense, perfume, water, light, and holy sounds. Offer your good qualities and your vices, your promises to help beings, your actions on behalf of beings.